Tuesday, August 5, 2014

NEWS: Broken River Books to release Ed Dinger novel

J David Osborne from Broken River Books revealed the following on his Facebook:

"ON THE BLACK by Ed Dinger will be released in mid-November from Broken River Books.

"A former private detective suffering from dementia finds himself in a Philadelphia hotel room with a dead body, a blonde, and a smoking gun in his hand. He has only minutes before the police arrive to unravel what just took place, as well as to solve a mystery from a 1950 case that somehow seems connected."'

Ed Dinger is a name that I do not know but Broken River is a name that I know very well indeed. I would imagine that many of you reading this are also more than familiar with the great work they're doing over there at Broken River. I am very excited about any future release from them. One of the great things that Broken River does is the books consistently always have great artwork. ON THE BLACK is no exception. 

If that doesn't get you excited for ON THE BLACK, folks, I don't know what will. I'll be reviewing it upon release and let you guys know what I think. 

Stay pulpy. 

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