Friday, May 29, 2015

REVIEW: THE TRIANGLE by J. Buck Williams

Rock n roll and noir. You don't often see those words together, even though if there is a rock n roll of the literary world, its crime fiction. It is surprising, then, that there have been so few attempts at dealing with these themes. However, crime fiction fans can rest assured because J. Buck Williams is in town.

His debut novel The Triangle deals with all the ups and downs of the rock n roll life. Life on the road, life on stage, self - destruction. Its all here. Probably the greatest strength of the novel is that the author writes about his subject so convincingly. This sort of thing could give way to cliche so easily but it does not. This is all to the credit of Williams and his strong prose.

The Triangle is at turns funny and tense and thoughtful. Williams has written a very strong debut and showcased himself as a crime author worth watching.

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