Tuesday, September 30, 2014


While the verdict is still out on Max Booth III's success in Pulp Survivor, he managed to answer a few questions while waiting for his potential doom. I have decided it would be best to share his answers with you since this may be the last anyone hears of poor Mr. Booth...

1) What the hell did you do?

I accidentally wrote the greatest novel of the last ten years. It’s called The Mind is a Razorblade, and already people are jumping off bridges after reading it because it’s just that goddamn good. At least, that’s what I’m choosing to believe.

2) Why the hell did you do it?

It was completely unintentional. One day, to kill time, I started cutting out letters from newspapers and randomly gluing them to my wall. Eventually, the letters formed a novel.

3) What criticisms do you have of the pulp scene today? How do you feel about "pulp" as a descriptor of your work?

I don’t have many criticisms, to be honest, mostly because I’m not that deep into the pulp scene, I don’t think. I try not to put any labels on my own work. That’s up for the audience to decide. If my readers think my writing is more pulp than anything, then maybe they’re right. As long as they keep buying my books and reading them, I don’t care what you call my writing. Pulp is good, though, because [deleted orange juice joke].

4) You recently wrote a supposedly humorous but potentially insulting piece about the works of Stephen King? What the hell is wrong with you? That man's a fucking icon.

All I did was pen an accurate summarization of each one of King’s novels. Then people got pissed off because they thought Dean Koontz wrote The Stand. I don’t know why they think that. King obviously wrote The Stand. What I’m really surprised is the lack of people calling me out for forgetting to include King’s magnum opus: Rosemary’s Baby.

5) I bet you're pretty happy with yourself, aren't you?

Well, yes.

6) What is next for Max Booth III?

I’m currently working on a new article titled “50 Reasons Tyler Perry’s House of Payne is better than Doctor Who”.

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