Thursday, December 18, 2014

CESAREFEST: Exponential by Adam Cesare

Cesarefest concludes today as we look at Adam's newest book Exponential. Be sure to swing by Amazon and pick this one up, in addition to his other books.

Cesare continues to demonstrate that he can dominate whichever horror subgenre he chooses. This time, Cesare tackles a story about a science experiment gone wrong, leading to the creation of a giant monster.

Like all the creature features you loved back in the day, Exponential excites and entertains. The characters are, as usual with Cesare, incredibly well drawn and intriguing. That's all well and good, of course, but this is a horror novel and Cesare beings the scares. This is Cesare's best book to date, hands down.

This is a genuinely creepy story. The monster contains elements of classic monster tales but has a twist that is all Cesare.

It cannot be said enough that Adam Cesare is a man to follow. His titles should be blind buys and he gets better and better with each new release.

Now go forth and buy them all. Happy Cesarefest!

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