Saturday, December 6, 2014

CESAREFEST: The Summer Job by Adam Cesare

Cesarefest continues as we look at his third novel, The Summer Job. His newest, Exponential, came out this week so don't hesitate to head over and pick up a copy. Pick up all his other books while you're at it. You won't regret it.

The Summer Job focuses on a college grad in Massachusetts. Unhappy with her current station in life, she answers an ad for a job working in an isolated hotel. I don't need to tell you that things aren't what they seem.

Cesare writes about familiar horror concepts. Cannibals, monsters, Satanic cults. Chances are, you've read books or seen movies with these themes before. You haven't seen them like this though unless you've read Cesare. With Summer Job, he continues to perfect his craft.

One of the things that works so well in this book is how well drawn the characters are, especially Claire, the main character. It is often said that if you follow a good character long enough you are almost guaranteed a good story. Cesare proves this to be true here.

Cesare is a horror master. He never gives in to cliché, rather he takes tropes common to the genre and breathes new life into them, makes them his own. Unputdownable might as well have been coined to describe the man's work. There are some nailbiting, hair raising scenes in this book. The pacing in Summer Job is relentless. Be prepared to set some time aside and read this all in one sitting.

If you like Cesare already or if you like 80s/90s horror, this is a no brainer. Grab this and grab everything that bears his name. The best is yet to come from Adam Cesare. Stay tuned and Happy Cesarefest!

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