Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CESAREFEST: Video Night by Adam Cesare

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving. That'll be nice, I suppose. More importantly, today we continue to observe Cesarefest. And so it goes...

Video Night is Mr. Cesare's second novel and it shows his progression as one of the best living horror writers even as he continues to deliver the great fiction you've come to expect from him. More of the same...but better. That's the Adam Cesare way.

The plot of Video Night centers on horror movie aficionados banding against an alien force -- an alien that takes on the form of its victims. The characters in Video Night have to rely on their wits and their love of horror to survive.

Cesare takes his obvious love of horror and applies it to body horror. If you grew up in the 80's or love 80's popular culture, especially horror, you'll love this. If you love fiction with great characters, wicked horrible villains, and a terrific plot, you'll love this.

I don't know what else I can do to make you become a lifelong patron of the House of Cesare. Read just one chapter of this and I promise you'll want to fly through the rest. If movie producers had any smarts, they'd be targeting this guy to actually provide what people wanted to see. In horror, it simply doesn't get better than Adam Cesare. His books are ones I return to because they're so much fun, because they keep me up, because they remind me what great fiction reads like.

And guess what? Video Night is entirely deserving of all of this praise and it is entirely not my favorite Adam Cesare novel. For that, you'll have to keep observing Cesarefest with me.

In the mean time, eat some turkey.

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